Embedded system development

Embedded systems range from miniscule sensors up to large scale systems with more processing power than a desktop PC. Embedded software development requires specialist development processes and systems and above all needs to be reliable. A computer user can reboot their PC if required but a piece of oil pipeline monitoring equipment in an unmanned location miles from the nearest engineer needs to work 365 days a year without down-time.

In safety critical systems such as the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) of a car or the control systems of an aircraft the system needs to work 100% reliably for obvious reasons.

Safetly critical systems are a very specialised area and there are many standards available to address the needs of various safety critical systems application areas. See our standards article for an overview of some of them.

If you do not yet have a fully defined set of product requirements we can provide a business process analysis or technology feasibility study to help better understand and to help shape and define your requirements and minimise product development times.

For a more detailed overview of the various product development services we offer in the design process see our Product Development overview article.