RED development is a UK based company specializing in the development of high technology products for small and medium sized enterprises. These products typically require custom software, ease of use and high reliability. We have developed products across a wide range of industries such as medical devices, fire detection and consumer products.

In partnership with our clients we help to bring new devices and innovative technology to market and we aim to build long term relationships with our clients to help them grow their businesses and compete effectively in todays global marketplace.

One area that we have a proven track record is in creating innovative new products for start-ups. Start-ups can suffer when developing their first products if they do not find a company that fully understands their needs. Our experience in developing high-quality products and our ability to rapidly develop prototypes means that we are often the first choice for start-ups.

From initial 'back of an envelope' sketches to production, if you have an idea for a product please contact us to discuss it.