AI assisted design

We are currently evaluating AI technologies as a tool for streamlining our development processes.

Product Development

Designing a high technology electronic product can be a long and complex process. This article is intended to give a brief and easy to read overview of some of the steps in developing an electronic product for the non-technical.

Outsourcing product development

Outsourcing product development correctly can reduce the overall product development cost and reduce it's time to market. This article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing product design.

Reliability - why systems fail

Modern electronic systems are complex devices and there are a myriad of ways that they may not function properly or fail completely. This article explores some of the common causes for system failure.

Using Open Source in Commercial products

Using open source components in a commercial product may speed up the time to market while reducing the development costs and risk. This article gives an overview of some popular open source licence types for hardware and software, their advantages and also their disadvantages.

Safety standards

Safety critical systems have to be reliable and work exactly as specified without unintended side-effects. This article is designed to give a very brief run-down of the various standards that are available to address the needs of safety critical development.

Code reviews

We have published an article about software code reviews and how they can improve software quality. This is the first of a planned series of articles on the product development process.

Linux cheat sheet

This cheat sheet is designed to show the essential technical details of configuring and building Linux with an emphasis on its usage in an embedded system to allow programmers and engineers to get up the inital learning curve as speedily as possible.